Wellsys Water Solutions

Wellsys Water Solutions


Wellsys Water Solutions, (Wellsys-NY), offers an innovative, healthier, more cost effective solution for your Point of Use Water Coolers. “Bottle-less Water Coolers”

We are a Long Island based company, formed with three core principles:

Help local Businesses “Save Money”

Help Local Business “Go Green”

Help Local Businesses provide “Wellness & Hydration” to employees and clients

We are also members of many local networking groups and Chambers of Commerce which affords us the opportunity to refer business to other local enterprises so we can “Keep business alive and well” on Long Island

Wellsys NY provides an affordable alternative to the traditional bottled water cooler solutions you are familiar with, and a healthier solution then the hall water fountain.  We only provide Bottle-less Water Coolers to your business.  We aren’t like other companies who want to sell you coffee, snacks, supplies and the kitchen sink.

We specialize in one thing and we do it well!

For a low fixed monthly rental our units provide pure water to your business without all the bacteria, and potential health risks associated with the delivery and dispensing of your existing bottled water coolers and water fountains.  We tap directly into your building’s water and provide the most comprehensive water filtration on the market. We provide an “8 stage filtration process” using 5 filters. No more deliveries, no more invoice reconciliation, no more bulky bottle storage, no more lifting those heavy 42lb bottles, no running out of water, and a way for your organization to participate in the “Green Initiative”. 

Spend less, get great tasting, healthier water, FREE Professional Installation, Reduce office clutter, Go Green, it’s all good! 

Call us TODAY, for an appointment so we can see how best to help you. 


Alan Goldberg

Alan’s Cell #  917-519-0571

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Our Toll Free #   866-681-2782

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