Are you prepared for a server failure or emergency?

What would you do if your server had a failure and was inaccessible?  What would you do if we had another storm like Sandy and your file server was destroyed?  What if your system was hit by a virus and your data was being held for ransom?  How long can you afford for your server to be down?

Don’t wait for disaster to happen.  Put a disaster recovery plan in place now. We can help you prepare for disaster with our GT Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution.  We will help you protect your IT infrastructure in the event of the unthinkable. 

Cara McNamara, Legal Administrator of Harras, Bloom & Archer talks about how much being prepared mattered when her firm experienced disaster. 

“There was a power failure in our building, when the power came back on it unfortunately destroyed our server’s hard drive. Luckily, some months before I finally implemented the disaster recovery backup solution that Michael had been trying to convince me to purchase.  Because of this new disaster recovery backup solution we now had a mirror image of our server and all data readily available.  That same day the backup image was restored to a new hard drive and we were up and running again.  Most important for us is that everything was exactly as it was before the power failure.  I can’t even imagine how different this would have gone if we had not had this particular backup solution.  I am sure it would have taken several days to get the office up and running and we would likely have lost a significant amount of information.  Additionally, since we were backup up and running so quickly our staff had minimal downtime (saving us thousands of dollars).  Of course, I looked like a superstar to the partners, so that made my day and gave them even more confidence in Glasser Tech.  Anyone who does not use a backup solution like this will likely regret it at some point, because eventually things go wrong.  I am so glad I proactively listened to Michael and implemented his recommendation for the disaster recovery backup service.”

What makes our GT Disaster Recovery Service special?  The solution we use creates a complete image of your server.  If there is an issue and we need to restore, the entire server is put back to exactly the way it was before.  While other solutions may be able to restore your data to a previous day, our GT Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution is backing up every hour during business hours so your information is current.  You are also backing up locally and to the cloud so you have dual protection.  The investment in is nothing compared to the amount of downtime you would have if a virus infiltrated your network; if your server crashes; you experience damage from a power failure, flood or fire, etc…

Another major benefit:  Since we are backing up hourly we can restore your work back to the previous hour.  Let’s say one of your staff accidentally deletes a document or folder.  Within minutes the document or folder can be recovered. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Contact us to come to your office and talk to your team about GT’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution.  At the same time we can talk to you about performing a risk assessment for your law firm.  Give us a call at (516) 762-0155 or email